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About Me

Where my passion and purpose came to be one.

My interest in therapeutics for horses began when I acquired a grey horse named Mister.  Mister had a conformation defect that has exacerbated his age- induced arthritis, as well as inhibiting his ability to move soundly. Immediately I sought solid veterinarian care that offered help, but also felt more could be done. I have seen firsthand what chiropractic care, acupuncture, and especially massage therapy offers humans. I saw no reason why massage could not offer the same relief and comfort to Mister.

  I chose to leave a 15+ year career in the mortgage industry, and now divide my time between being a mom and working with horses. Horses have been a valiant ally for me during tough times, and I feel blessed to be an advocate for them now. Mutual admiration always includes being faithful, loving, sincere, and loyal.

   I have earned certifications in Equine Therapeutic Massage and Equine Sports Massage through the Equissage and Rocky Mountain School of Animal Accupressure and Massage programs.

 As an eager learner and a desire to be an industry leader, I have also chosen to expand my education through the Anatomy in Clay Centers and Equinology programs in the greater Denver area.  By continuing my ongoing education,  I have also earned certification through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM), as well I have completed my certification in the MAGNAWAVE therapy and now offer this treatment as well.