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We take pride in the benefits we can help provide your horse or canine. 





Ideal for horses who are in full-time work to top performers. 


Ideal for companion horses seeking some pain relief. 


There are so many health benefits to using essential oils during a massage of any kind. Allow your horse to reap all the benefits of the massage by upgrading to the use of oils.  


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For horses at very high levels of training and/or competition, the following protocol is recommended:

* Week 1 – Three massages

* Week 2 – Two massages

* Week 3 – One massage

* Thereafter – one massage on a weekly basis

For horses that compete regularly or have a moderate to light level of exercise, the following protocol is recommended:

* One massage every two weeks


For horses that compete occasionally, are used for pleasure riding or very light levels of competition, or senior horses,the following protocol is recommended:

* One massage per month


Ideal elderly horses seeking some pain relief. 


Available for any service.

$1650 - Annually *
Can be paid in 12 monthly installments of $145

Available for any service.

* Additional mileage charge may be applicable.




Born with rodeo blood, Shawnee Williams is continuing her life-long association with horses. She hails from families who are on the back of a horse long before they ever learn to talk and walk!


Her competitive streak initiated at age 8 with her gray POA pony, Mystery. Talent and ability were obvious since Mystery and Shawnee consistently placed with the big horses in barrel racing and pole bending.


A passion has to be fed and Shawnee has fed hers a regular diet by being involved in…

  • 4-H and FFA

  • Wyoming High School Rodeo Association

  • National High School Rodeo Association

  • University of Wyoming College Rodeo Team

  • National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

  • Laramie Jubilee Days Lady-in-Waiting

  • Women’s Professional Rodeo Association

  • Wyoming Rodeo Association

  • Colorado Professional Rodeo Association

  • Cutting; Reining; Pleasure; Trail Riding; Ranching; Barrel Racing; Pole Bending


As much as she loves being involved herself, her greatest joy comes from supporting her grown son and young daughter as they continue on the Williams’ family equine and rodeo legacy.

Today, Shawnee’s grey pony is Mister Finella Zipper aka Mister, a gift from her aunt. Shawnee and her daughter felt obligated to give Mister a great home. Mister has a conformation defect that has exacerbated his age- induced arthritis, as well as inhibiting his ability to move soundly. Shawnee immediately sought solid veterinarian care that offered help, but also felt more could be done.

“I have seen firsthand what chiropractic care, acupuncture, and especially massage therapy offers humans. I saw no reason why massage could not offer the same relief and comfort to Mister.”

After choosing to leave a 15+ year career in the mortgage industry, Shawnee now divides her time between being Mom and the opportunity to work with horses. Horses have been a valiant ally for Shawnee during tough times, and she feels blessed to be an advocate for them now. Mutual admiration always includes being faithful, loving, sincere, and loyal. 

Shawnee has earned certifications in Equine Therapeutic Massage and Equine Sports Massage through the Equissage and Rocky Mountain School of Animal Accupressure and Massage programs.

 As an eager learner and a desire to be an industry leader, she has also chosen to expand her education through the Anatomy in Clay Centers and Equinology programs in the greater Denver area.  By continuing her ongoing education,  Shawnee will eventually earn certification through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM).

In addition, this will prove Shawnee Williams leads the Front Range as an expert Bodyworker. She is indeed, a horse’s best friend.

Mollee and Morris




Front Range of Colorado *

Email: shawnee@greyponytherapeutics.com

Tel:  720-364-8178

* Additional mileage charge may be applicable.


Flexible Hours contingent upon daily schedule.

Feel free to phone or email to schedule a time that works.

Please allow two hours for massage





"I have had the pleasure of working with Shawnee Williams in the equine industry since July 2017. I have consistently been impressed by  the quality of the care she provides. Shawnee spends a significant amount of time listening to the horse’s body language and responding accordingly. Her observations are specific, detailed and applicable to what I have found in the same patient. I would highly recommend Shawnee." 

—Dr. Allison V.  Hartman, Mobile Veterinary Service

Shawnee has a life long passion for horses. Her love for horses and her passion for healing make her an excellent choice for all of our horses therapy needs. She is friendly, knowledgeable and kind. I always recommend Shawnee within our equine community.

—Stacee Jacobs, Dedicated Horse Lover





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